Why You Need Regular Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens provides an alternative to eyeglasses for correcting or enhancing vision. They come in different designs, patterns of wear, and made of different materials. Regardless, it is crucial to carry out regular contact lens exams lens independent of routine eye exams. There are several reasons why your contact lens should regularly be examined; and here are some of the reasons.

  1. To Examine Your Eye and Vision Issues

If you have been wearing contact lenses, it is crucial that your optometrist carries out a medical eye examination to find out if your eyes are still healthy enough to continue wearing contact lenses relative to your vision issues. It is essential to know if your vision issues have been corrected or have worsened to determine the next prescription for you. This is more of an evaluation to identify the changes in your vision, and it is usually the first step for contact lens exam.

  1. To Select Contact Lens

It is essential to know if there are significant changes in your vision and how your eyes react or relate to the contact lens you are wearing. The test will find out if the existing contact lenses are still the right choice for you. It will also determine the right type of contact lens that meets your present eye health conditions. Your doctor will decide whether you should go for disposable, daily wear or extended wear contact lens based on your vision correction needs with due consideration for your lifestyle.

  1. To Prescribe the Right Contact Lens

You need a regular contact lens exam to keep your contact lens prescription up-to-date. Most people wearing a contact lenses in most cases get a new prescription due to different reasons but mainly due to changes in vision correction needs over time. By going for regular contact lens exam, you can be given the right prescription that is at the correct strength for your current vision treatment for you to enjoy an improvement in your treatment.

  1. To Maintain Good Eye Health

Regular contact lens exam is a follow-up examination to confirm that the contact lenses are maintaining good eye health and that you are not developing what is referred to as “contact lens-induced complications.” There are signs that your optometrist will see to detect contact lens complications based on which prescription may be modified by trying different lens or material, adjusting contact lens wearing time, and or changing lens care methods to ensure that you enjoy good eye health.

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