Why glass lenses are not just lenses

You have a great many options to choose from when it comes to lenses, and therefore you don’t have to compromise on your eyesight. Here we give you a brief introduction to the many different types of glass you can choose from.

Spectacle lenses are not just spectacle lenses in that there is only one type. For example, you can get single-strength glass, multi-strength glass, lightweight glass, mineral glass, anti-glare, thin, bespoke and stained glass. In other words, there are a number of different glass types that you can choose from, which means that you do not have to wave farewell to either clear vision or top-notch comfort when you need your first set of lenses.

Make your everyday life easier with the right lenses
The two most general lenses types are single strength glass and multi-strength glass, which are also called for progressive glass. Simple strength glass is really good for you, who find it difficult to either see things remotely or close by – for example, the When you’re reading, watching TV, or working at your computer.

Multi-strength Glass is good if you both need glasses when you are reading and need to look far. Multi-strength Glass has more strengths, which means you don’t have to switch between two pairs of glasses to have a good view of both distances. So you can make your everyday life easier with a multi-strength glass and also save a spectacle away.

Comfort is paramount
When it comes to comfort, there’s no compromise here, they need to be comfortable for you at all times. Choose lightweight glass or glare-free glass. As it is located in the name, lightweight glass weighs less than other lenses, which makes the glasses extra comfortable to wear.

The glare-free lenses reduce the light reflections of your lenses to avoid the annoying glare, such as a glass. comes from Electric light. At the same time, the feeling of having something in front of the eyes – the glass sensation – will also be significantly reduced.

Visit your optician and learn more about the many glass types
At your optician you can get help to choose the glass that best suits your needs and wishes. A thorough eye test is always a prerequisite for getting the right glasses and therefore the best eyeglasses.