What to wear with red stilettos

Red stilettos are a great option for many occasions. At the office you should avoid wearing such shoes, but when you are going out with your friends or attend a wedding, a pair of red stilettos is an amazing choice.

There are other occasions where you can wear the shoes, but you have to carefully choose the other clothing items and accessories. The general rule is that since you have a pair of red stilettos, you do not need any other element to stand out.

How to pair a red stiletto in order to have an impeccable outfit

A pair of red stilettos is of course a fashion statement. So, it is highly recommendable to start and create your outfit by putting them on the first place. Red stilettos, no matter if they are made from leather or not go well with both pants and skirts or dresses.

The color of the clothing items is very important. Black is a great choice. You can choose another red accessory, but not necessary a bag. A belt or a red hair accessory are amazing choices. Another color that goes great with red is nude. Both these choices are safe, there is no way you can go wrong with such a combination of colors.

A woman who makes a choice to wear a black or a nude dress with a pair of red stilettos will surely be appreciated for her exquisite taste. But, you can choose other colors too. No matter that you choose green, blue or even purple, you should opt for pastel colors. A floral printed dress is a great choice for a pair of such shoes.

The red stilettos are perfect for evening events. No matter that you want to go to the theatre or you want to go clubbing, you can count on a pair of red stilettos. But, you can wear a pair of red stilettos even at events that take place during the day. An art exhibit, a wedding or a baptism are examples of such events.

There are a lot of occasion where you can where red stilettos, so go out or search the web for the best pair of red stilettos that you can find for you.