What Should Our Wristwatch Be Capable Of?

In our modern age it is difficult to argue that the wristwatch is a necessity. Not because the time is not relevant. It’s more than ever before. The modern man whizzes from one agreement to another, from one meeting to the next, from the work to the kindergarten, on to groceries, and home to reach dinner.

Although the average American is busier than in the past, it is difficult to justify the use of a wristwatch. The time can be read everywhere. On the computer, via the phone, in the metro and at the S-train station. What should we use a wristwatch for when the time is available everywhere?

Today, a wristwatch is only used secondarily to show the bell. The bracelet watch has become a symbol of power and money, in style and taste, and is now characterised by being a accessories, giving the outside world a hint about one’s personal attitude and presence.

This will include the fact that it is reflected in the fact that today there are more bracelets, models and series than in the past, and that the sale of the wristwatch, after a longer period of decline, is on the way up again.

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