Tips on Dirt Bike Maintenance

Dirt bikes come in all shapes and sizes, requiring different tools and tasks to keep it running and well maintained. Some have smaller two stroke engines, some have a bigger engine capacity and more speed, and some don’t even have engines and are fully electric.

There are however, some universal maintenance tips for any bike, including electric ones, that any bike owner should do throughout the lifetime of their bike to extend its use and keep it at optimal performance.

Here are the tips on dirt bike maintenance:

1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning. Just like every other motorized vehicle, dirt, dust, and debris can build up and can affect the motor, so regular cleaning is important in keeping your bike motor running. Don’t use high pressurized water or hoses to wash your bike. Instead, wipe it down with a cloth or a lower pressure stream of water.

2. Chain & Sprocket

Never ride without a properly lubricated chain and sprocket. Dry chains and sprockets can not only cause heavy damage to other parts of your bike, but can also easily snap off and hurt you if it’s too tight or too loose. Keeping the chain lubricated will let it slide perfectly into its positions, and will also extend the longevity of the chain, minimizing normal wear and tear if it is properly lubricated.

3. Tires & Bolts

Making sure your tire pressure is at its most optimal point should be a regular check every time you ride. Tires that aren’t pumped enough can cause damage to your wheels, and over inflated tires can be the reason behind a very uncomfortable ride. Also, checking the spokes and bolts is important before every ride. Loose parts can cause bolts and nuts to fling off mid-ride, and worst case cause an entire system of your bike to break down. These should be regularly checked and tightened.

4. Battery

Specific to electric bikes, battery health is something that most owners aren’t too familiar with. Batteries are the most important part of an electric bike, and charging it properly as per the manufacturer’s instruction and necessary care will prolong the life of the battery, and the entire bike. Always buy dirt bikes and ATVs from a well-known professional company, as second-hand dirt bikes and ATVs for sale might have wear and tear and other problems.

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