This Time Clock App Tracks Timesheets for Over 100,000 People

It’s the end of the month, and for those of you who run your own business, it’s time to collect employee timesheets and calculate your employees’ paychecks and distribute them. Now unless you’re one those rare compulsive types of people who diligently records every single thing your workers do for you, you’re almost certainly going to fall in a conundrum: How do you pay your employees according to the work they did? You don’t want to overpay them, but you don’t want to drive the hard-working ones, who even put some overtime hours in, away by paying them less than they deserve. If only you’d had the foresight to make a proper timesheet.

Well, if you don’t know about Boomr, then you need to read on below.

Boomr? What’s that?

When it comes to time clock apps, it’s pretty safe to say Boomr is one of the best out there, if not THE best time clock app you could use for your business. What’s a time clock app? Well, you know the hassle you go through to record every single employee’s work hours via timesheets, when they clock in and clock out of shifts, how much work they ‘actually’ did, where they did it, and then compiling all of their timesheets just to figure out their pay? Well, think of a timesheet app that does all of the recordings for you. All you have to do is monitor and approve their timesheets generated by a simple time clock app for iPhone and Android users.

So? What good is it anyway?

What’s good and great about the Boomr time clock app

If you’re a serious businessman, you KNOW your time is precious. You can’t be expected to take a roll call for all your employees in the morning like your teacher would in middle school! That’s where Boomr comes in. When your employees arrive, they just use the time clock app set up on their phones to clock in, specify whatever they’re currently working on, and get to it. Their lunch breaks, location, performance; all this data and more is relayed to you in real time. And those overtime hours? Both you and your employee know exactly how much work’s being done, so you can be sure you’re fair in your payroll.

How can this mobile time clock app help my business?

Boomr’s time clock app is best for businesses of all sizes. Which is a given, since it was DESIGNED to be as efficient as possible. Boomr takes off a huge load of work from your project manager’s shoulders, which is especially great if you don’t have a lot of help on the managerial side of things. No matter what business you run, your number of employees, whether your employees are salaried or work on an hourly basis, it’s VERY unlikely you won’t find any use for Boomr in your organization, especially with remote workers and crews.

Is Boomr Free to use? Do I need it for my business?

You can test out Boomr free for 30 days. If you like it and see the immediate value like 30,000 other companies do, then you can keep using it for a very low monthly fee. It’s ROI out of the box and will save your company many thousands of dollars per year, even if you are a very small business. With over 100,000 people using their mobile time clock app, they must be doing something great, right? Yes, they are.