Rapper, Young Buck to Stream Live to Fans on Bonk Be.Live Mobile Application

Bonk Be.Live – the new social media broadcasting application that has gained a worldwide popularity is among the hottest trends in the live streaming industry. With a diverse marketing team of qualified individuals in different domains, Bonk Be.Live has already outraged some of the big players of the industry. The company is taking good initiatives by launching the celebrities on the app interface to reach more people in different parts of the world. Soon, you will be seeing Rapper Young Buck streaming live to fans on Bonk Be.Live mobile application. The CEO of Boink Live Streaming Corporation – Michael Gilburd also confirmed that Young Buck will be going live on Bonk Be.Live for his fans and will keep them updated through it.

About Young Buck

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br7FgW102s4 Young Buck is a former member of TP Playas, which is a hip-hop group. As a music executive, he owns his record label – Cashville Records and is also a member of another hip-hop group G-Unit. At Hot97’s Summer Jam Event, Young Buck reunited with his former group members on 1 June 2014 after being dismissed from the group in 2008. Recently, he has released a mixtape – ’10 Plugs’ with 10 songs. This work is the follow up to ’10 Street Commandments’ featuring the guest appearances from Tray 8, Oskie, 2GunNut, and Boosie Badazz. The mixtape is available on iTunes and has songs like ‘Stay The Same’, ‘Too Rich’, and ‘Narcos’ etc. Buck began rapping from the age of 12. He performed for Brain ‘Baby’ Williams, the co-founder of Cash Money a few years later. After having several years on and off of the Cash Money, Buck and a fello rapper Juvenile decided to leave this label for their good in 2000 and join UTP. Buck stayed here until 2003. He made an early appearance in the song ‘Memphis’, where he was featured along Project Pat, Three 6 Mafia, and other southern rappers. He met with the New York rapper 50 Cent after his deal with UTP. He was then signed by 50 Cent for G-Unit Records under Interscope.

About Bonk Be.Live

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJKtz4X6DIg Bonk Be.Live is a lovely app having a beautiful easy-to-use interface. Every element of the app is designed nicely by its developers who are continuously working to improve the app UI and add more features to it. It uses artificial intelligence along with virtual reality and augmented reality features to ensure that the user feeds shown are according to his/her interests. All you have to do is create an account on this app using your Instagram, Facebook account, or phone number. You can also use your email id to create an account. Bonk Be.Live brings an intuitive platforms for the aspiring stars, performers, Facebook influencers, YouTubers, DJs, athletes, rappers, and other superstars to reach good fan following by just going live and entertaining their viewers. Apart from this, the common people who have ever dreamt of becoming a superstar can live their dream using this app. One just needs to go live and entertain their viewers. You can even interact with them and send/receive the gifts during the steam. They can even get a chance to run advertisements during their steam and make money for the same.

Sean Green – The New VP of Corporate Development

Sean Green has been appointed as Vice President, Corporate Development of Boink Live Streaming Corporation, which is the parent company for the app Bonk Be.Live. He is the one who is experienced in Sports and Entertainment division and has specialized in the same for 20 years. He will be responsible for introducing the entertainers and athletes to the Bonk Be.Live app. Michael Gilburd has worked with Sean in American Express and he believes that Sean will add more entertainers and athletes to the app who will share their messages with their fans going live.

The Bottom Line

Boink Live Streaming Corporation has tailored an excellent application through which the users can go live and connect with thousands of people across the world. The app gives them opportunity to make money while interacting with the audience. If you haven’t used this application before, you should install it on your devices now. It is available for free on iOS and Android platforms.