Munich: Where to Go and Where to Stay

Munich is quite the famous city. It is in fact, the commercial hub of Germany. Located in the Bavaria region of Germany, Munich has a long and rich history and a culture of its own. Being Bavaria’s capital, it is by default the most populous city in the province, and happens to be the third most populous city in all of Germany. Munich also happens to be a very popular visiting site for tourists. Its parks, architecture, culture, and sports scene are particularly popular all over the world. However, like any other place, Munich has a small number of must see places. Three must see places in Munich are the Golfzentrum München, Galopprennbahn München, and the Olympiapark München. Here’s what makes them so special:

Golfzentrum München

This 9 hole golf course is located right in the centre of Munich. Offering long swathes of green land, a relatively calm atmosphere, and the chance to participate in a calming sport, the Golfzentrum München is a fantastic place to spend an evening. The entire park is lit up at night via floodlights and makes for a fantastic landscape against the Munich night. The gold course also has a training area where people of all ages can try their hand at the sport before going to the main arena. Visit the Golfzentrum München for one of the best golf experiences in the world.

Galopprennbahn München

The Gallop race track in Munich has been operated by the Munich racing association since 1897. This historic racing track is one of the world’s largest. It has a circumference of 1860 metres with racetracks being 1000 metre to 2800 metre long. It currently hosts a total of 230 horses which are under the care of eight different coaches. Races take place on a regular basis and often see the participation of a number of celebrities. The Galopprennbahn München even hosted the team of Karim Aga Khan IV, one of the largest in the world. The Galopprennbahn München is the best place to visit for a horseracing enthusiast.

Olympiapark München

The Olympiapark München was constructed specifically for the 1972 Summer Olympics. A huge park with almost every single sports facility imaginable, the Olympiapark München now hosts a huge number of events all year round. Including holiday events and religious events. Whenever you visit Munich, there is a high chance of something taking place there, so do not hesitate to visit. Even if there isn’t any event there, it’s still a fantastic sight to behold.

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