How To Refill Your Own Inkjet Printer

Scores of online stores around the world specialize in selling ink and toner to printers. Whether you are looking for great prices or missing a very special type of ink cartridge, you can be sure to find what you are looking for on the Internet. Here you will find ink for printers of every brand of both major manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Brother and Lexmark, but also for more exclusive makes such as Kyrah and Mac.

It’s easy to find and order ink for printers online. This is not dependent on reaching the specialty shop through snow and sleet, but can make your orders in the comfort of your couch, just when it fits in the busy day. In the same way it is also customary that the order be delivered with Pakkeposten directly to the door. From the Internet you can find ink for printers at prices that are 70% lower than what to give in specialty stores!

Most inkjet printers use the Ink Jet printing method. It is roughly a method that assumes that the ink is being sprayed onto the paper at high speed. Unlike the ink method, the laser toner printers that work by powder color are burned into the paper by print. Ink jet is also divided into two types of printing methods continuous ink jet and Drop-on demand. The first method is also the oldest. The benefits of this are that it is relatively fast and also that the print cartridges rarely stop.

In addition, this type of print can withstand ink that is mixed with a small amount of alcohol, so the print dries quickly on paper. The second type of ink jet print, drop-on-demand, usually uses water-or pigment-based inks. This type of print is also fast. On your computer, you can choose how much ink to use. This is called DPI – Dots Per inch, and influences how bright the colors stay on the finished print. The higher the DPI, the stronger the colors