How to Rank in Google and Use SEO for Your Next Webinar Session

We all know the power and importance of ranking at the top of Google for getting traffic to your site and generating revenue. However, have you put a lot of thought into the concept of ranking your content in Google to acquire more webinar signups, which ultimately leads to more sales and revenue for the business?

If you haven’t, then you are definitely going to find value in this article today. Google is generating billions of searches every single day, and if you can rank your content organically on the first page for any relevant terms. Obviously, some keywords will be easier/harder than others, but with the right amount of effort this could be a nice collection of incoming leads month after month.

If this seems like something you would like to get started with, be sure to read through our simple steps below and start implementing these methods into your business today.

Using Webinars as a Long Term Lead Generation Business Model

Just like most of us already know about SEO and how to rank in the search results, you probably are also aware of the massive revenue being generated through the use of online webinars. Webinars work extremely well when trying to inform an audience about something, sell higher ticket items, and also building your expertise and brand following.

With this in mind, SEO is great for sending traffic to your site, but will take a lot of time to put into motion and actually see results from. If you want to create a webinar that is going to benefit from your SEO and organic traffic, this should be a long-term marketing and business plan, and one that you have on a recurring basis. Many top websites and blogs set up a live webinar, then have automated processes in place to run that same webinar time and time again.

This is something that you will need to remember as we walk through each of the steps below. In order for this to work effectively, you should have a webinar running at least once a month, or even every two weeks if possible.

How to Rank More Efficiently in Google with Long Tail Keywords

You are likely already generating traffic and sales to your business through the use of Google and organic search results. If you have people coming to your website, they would likely already be interested in an upcoming webinar you might have to offer. With traffic coming to your site from Google on a daily basis it’s important to make sure you have an active webinar running at all times, while also making sure they are catered to your audience and what they’re looking for.

A perfect example of this would be if someone was searching for different ways to make money online, and you had a webinar on the seven best ways to make money working from home. On this webinar, you can share your screen with all webinar attendees and actually walk them through the process of you signing up to different websites, creating accounts, and maybe even doing a freelance article and showing people how money is made from this.

In reference to how this can work with long tail keywords, just take a look at any of the search phrases and terms below. One could create a detailed article on each of these methods, get their articles to rank, then generate additional revenue and leads from upcoming webinars and walking your audience through each sign up process.

  • make money online from home
  • make money completing online surveys
  • make money without using a credit card
  • make money as a freelance writer

No matter what type of content you currently have on your site, the perceived value can be increased to an even higher level by offering a free webinar to your audience. Just think about the type of reaction and engagement you would see if you had a call to action within your content that said “Join My Next Webinar to See How I Make $826 Blogging from Home!”.

Embed Webinar Signup Forms into Your Site Content

With everything mentioned in the previous point in mind, you want to give your audience the option to sign up for your webinar no matter where, when, or how they access to your website. Since we are relying strictly on organic search content to get users to your site, it would be best to have a sign-up form to your webinar with in all of your site content.

By having a call to action and sign up form on each of your pages, you can actually customize this message to reflect why users are visiting your site, and what they are looking for. Again, think back to each of the long tail keyword examples above.

If the option isn’t there to create an embed form, you can create a custom image or pop-up window to entice visitors to sign up for your next webinar. Be sure to use well-known and effective call to actions, and also posting the date of your next upcoming webinar. You want your audience to feel like to they are going to miss out if they don’t sign up.

Focus on Your Continued Outreach and Social Media

When relying strictly on the search results to send traffic to your website, you will also have to focus on manual outreach and promotion as well. SEO is all about the content on your site and how many quality backlinks you have pointed to your site. One of the best ways to accomplish this, while also increasing the rankings for your site, is to contribute original content and articles to other websites and blogs within your niche. This might take some time if you don’t already have any author accounts in place, or a well-known reputation or following. In either case, simply reach out to as many websites as you can and see if any of them will let you contribute a original article to their site.

At the same time, don’t forget about the power of social media. Be sure to always share your content that might be posted on other websites, but also to share information about your upcoming webinar as well. Since people are already following you or your brand on social media, they would likely attend your webinar as well.

If you have a budget, it’s also a good idea to set up a remarketing campaign to display advertisements on social media to audiences that may have visit your site already, but didn’t join your webinar yet.

In summary, webinars are generating millions of dollars every day, and if you aren’t currently using them to promote your blog, brand, or online business, there is no better time to start now. SEO is just one method being used for increasing traffic and awareness to your brand and upcoming webinars, so be sure to implement these methods and any other creative marketing strategies you might have.