How to Build an Online Presence as a Fashion Business

With the Internet growing every year to help accommodate entrepreneurial ventures with every service imaginable, more people are creating brands and selling their products. These products range from t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, meggings, and even bedspreads. This is both a blessing and a curse. It is wonderful that more people can bring their ideas to life. However, it also brings massive amounts of competition.

Brands are constantly competing for the attention of buyers on social media, but what makes someone want to click on one brand over the other? Is it as simplistic as the designs, or did one brand have a better pitch than the other?

We’re going to go over a couple of tips that you can implement to help your fashion business have an online presence that stands out and attracts more sales.

You Have to Be Unique

Since we’re already assuming that you’re competing with other brands in your niche for the attention of buyers, you need something that will make you stand out from everybody else. Let’s look at a successful brand for an example to better illustrate this point:

Differio mens streetwear offers a unique shopping experience for men that are looking for a streetwear experience that is stylistically different. Differio accomplishes this by offering stylish mens clothing that is cut differently, colored differently, and brings a whole new meaning to the word edgy.

If you want to have an online presence that is unique, you must first be unique. Bring something different to the table, whether it is your sales pitch or your general design schemes. Here is an interesting concept to help you strive to achieve this. Imagine that every single one of your customers’ closet spaces is limited. With this in mind, your customers are only going to buy so many clothes. So what makes them want to ensure your products have a space in their limited closet?

Make Your Ads Personal

I want you to think about something really quick. When was the last time you binge watched videos on YouTube?

If you have ever browsed through recommended videos on YouTube, you most certainly ran into a few advertisements that likely gave you the option to skip the ad within 5 seconds. Advertisers have adapted to this option that the streaming service has provided its users by representing those 5 seconds as the most crucial time for their advertisements. If your advertisement doesn’t have some interesting appeal to it that is emotional, controversial, or personal within those 5 seconds, then people are going to skip it.

Even if your advertisements aren’t in the form of a video and it’s simply text, you need to word it in such a way that applies to the reader. Going beyond just relating to them in the niche, if it’s a retargeting advertisement, mention their visit to your site. Another example, if its location-based, then mention the name of the residents (New Yorkers, Londoners, Californians, etc.) or a landmark to those residents. You just need to be personal.

Simply applying these two tactics will increase your sales conversions. Brands are constantly converting to being more personable and relatable. The sooner you adapt your own brand to be this way the more success you’ll achieve.