Dine-in Movie Theaters: What you need to know before you go

What better way to spend a Saturday evening than watch a couple of movies over your favorite snack/meal? You could do it at home, but the theater offers a massive entertainment experience. Some people complain that the experience is overpriced, but this probably because they haven’t learned the art of hunting for good dine-in movie theaters. If you are in New Jersey and looking for a great weekend night out at a dine-in theater NJ, here is what you need to know before you go.

What is it all about a dine theater NJ experience?

In the traditional movie experience, you take your snacks into the movie theater, the favorite snack being popcorns. It is rare to have a full meal in the theater. But theaters are starting to offer a more wholesome experience where you can have your favorite meal while watching your favorite flicks.

You order meals while the movie is continuing by pressing a button to summon the server. The food is brought to your seat. You can order the food at any point in the movie. The theaters also have a bar in the lobby, and you can request an attendant to mix you a cocktail while enjoying the movie.

Is it compulsory to order a meal?

Some movies offer a bundled ticket for the movie and tickets. But these days dine-in movie theaters to charge for admission to the movie only, with the food and drinks being optional.You pay for the food bill at the end of the movie by cash or credit card.

Do you have to reserve your ticket?

Dine-in movie theaters carry fewer people than conventional theaters. This means the theater fills up fast, especially when a popular movie is showing. Reserving is a smart move if you need assurance.

What kind of food is on the menu?

You will get traditional snacks like candy and popcorn. For the bigger meals, the menu is like what you get for a quick but satisfying bite at your fast food; Pizza, burger, fries, and chicken etc.

Where do you place your food?

Each chair has a swiveling table top, sometimes it is stationary. There are also more luxurious recliners that share a tabletop between them. Each tabletop has a recessed light to help you see but not bright enough to disturb the next person.

A dine-in movie theater experience is definitely something to try out. You can go alone, as a couple or family. However you go, it is a memorable experience.

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