Dine-In Meals That Enhance Your Theatre Experience

Somehow, no matter what our dietary preferences are, we all enjoy munching on a snack or a meal while watching a performance. In a strange way, having our appetites quenched enhances the experience of theatre (and even film or live music shows). This is why certain live music venues, such as Hopewell Theatre, provide Dine-In options for their patrons.

As people of different tastes, we may find the idea of eating a particular snack while enjoying a performance abhorrent. This is why Hopewell Theatre provides a smattering of options to tickle your palette. If you cannot decide what you will like the most, have a look at these Dine-in meals that are bound to add value to your theatre experience:

1.      Supper Club Meals

Supper Club Meals are a great way to immerse yourself in an environment before a show begins. By participating in a supper club meal, you can familiarize yourself with your surroundings to the point where you are comfortable and solely focussed on the performances in front of you. Supper Club Meals at Hopewell Theatre take place at least 2 hours prior to the show’s scheduled beginning. You will be seated at a lovely table and waited by professional staff that is courteous and knowledgeable about the meal ahead.

In fact, as these Supper Club tickets are a whole package that come with tickets to the show afterwards, this can be a great option for a first or second date like no other. After all, dinner and a movie may be passé, but dinner and theatre? That is fresh!

2.      Concession stand meals

Concession stands, unlike Supper Club meals, are open through the show, and not just before it. You can choose from a wide array of popular snacks like popcorn, candy, and drinks, but that is not where the menu ends. The concession stands also offer small plate options for audience members looking for snacks that are more filling and nutritious than popcorn. Similarly, these stands also offer baked goods for those of you who have a raging sweet tooth. Nothing sweetens the experience of a great performance like a moist cupcake!

3.      Inclusive meals

Keeping in mind that there are various types of people, most dine-in experiences offer inclusive meals that take into account common dietary preferences. You can find a few gluten free items on the menu, as well as vegan items so that you can truly enjoy your show without waiting to get home to eat!