Crowdfunding and thalassemias

Crowdfunding helps in the treatment of all kinds of illnesses. These range from physical to mental illnesses. Crowdfunding India is an efficient alternative to medical insurance in a country where healthcare is getting increasingly expensive and privatized. Diseases like thalassemia are more common in South Asia than in other parts of the world. This may be due to genetic reasons but the point remains that there are nearly 12,000 infants born in India with thalassemia, many of them into poverty-stricken backgrounds.

Thalassemias are genetic blood disorders resulting in abnormal production of haemoglobin. There are two kinds of thalassemia-alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia. Anemia is the most common symptom of thalassemia along with paleness, bone problems, enlarged spleen, yellowish skin, dark urine etc. Diagnosis comprises of very extensive blood tests and genetic testing. Treatment includes being provided with iron supplements, folic acid, blood transfusions and even in some cases, bone marrow transplants. Complications can happen from treatment. For example, there can be a build up of excess iron in the body resulting in heart problems. Sometimes, the spleen can get enlarged. Needless to say, all this is very expensive and many poor people cannot afford this. However, crowdfunding India can help with this problem.

Crowdfunding platforms like Harvard incubated Impact Guru thrive on medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding. Here, you can come and set up a fundraiser for the specific cause for which you need financial assistance. Crowdfunding runs on the principle of reallocating resources – voluntarily giving money to those who cannot afford certain amenities. Thalassemia, a very common disease prevalent in Italy, Middle East, South Asia and Africa falls squarely into this area. So, if your child is suffering from thalassemia and you cannot afford care, know that help is not far away.

All you need to do is to visit Impact Guru’s page and set up a fundraiser. Make sure the fundraiser explains your trouble really clearly. Once you have done that, make sure you share that fundraiser with your friends, family and everyone else you know. Having a back up team of willing donators is important in crowdfunding. Anyway, once you set up the fundraiser, our campaign manager will get in touch with you and discuss the target amount. You need not worry about not meeting this goal. There are different schemes available for individuals and organizations. After the money is collected, a certain percentage of cut will be taken by Impact Guru. You need not worry about any penalties or any loans. You can run your campaign from home. This is risk-free and even hassle free. Crowdfunding India is a boon for people suffering from ailments like this.

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