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Tanzania Luxury Safari

Tanzania is home to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar, Mountain Kilimanjaro and it is a common misconception to think a luxury holiday here is only wild animal viewing in the savannah. Tanzania is a beautiful country with calm lakes, remote forests, and secluded tropical beaches. The blend of wildlife is impressive for containing animals from, East, South and Central Africa. Tanzania is home to primates, big games fantastic birdlife of over 100 species to make the sights even more special you can discover more scuba diving in the Indian Ocean reefs.


Tanzania has lakes, rivers, and coastal beaches, they are beautiful and if you are looking for amazing beaches then look no further. Whether you want to relax on Africa’s largest lake or creator or even be seduced by the beautiful Island beaches that promise heaven Zanzibar has been named one of the best honeymoon locations. For the Luxe you can go to a private Island resort that will be exclusive like FANJOVE PRIVATE ISLAND

One of the remotest beach destinations giving you a real sense of paradise

Private, relaxed environment for you to enjoy. Sure to redefine your idea of heaven. The regional culinary masterpieces of coconut-milk curries and fresh seafood are mouthwatering. All can be soaked in with locally brewed beer and are served in the spacious lodge or on the beach next to the campfire.

Usually referred to as the migration safari the wildebeest migration is a spectacle that is one of the most anticipated safari experiences in the world. You can get a chance to watch over two million wildebeest, and other animals make their journey through the  Serengeti/ Masai Mara while facing many obstacles and trials that include predators like the big 5, crocodiles, crossing rivers among others. This annual event draws a large crowd. If you are a person that enjoys luxury, you could use a higher perspective that beats any other.

Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a  unique perspective of safari this is exceptionally beautiful during the wildebeest migration you will get to see the large number of animals from above, and it will make you feel like you are migrating with them. Following them through the trials and triumphs.

The Serengeti is one of the most beautiful areas in the world for a hot air balloon flight. Having no power lines, fences, and few roads. Making this adventure a unique and exclusive one. Every balloon flight is distinctive and therefore an adventure. Providing the highlight of your safari and an experience that you will never forget.

Private concessions and conservancies

Private conservancies allow you a collection of clear benefits that are not possible in national parks like:

  • Night game drives
  • Off-road game drives
  • Crowd-free game viewing
  • Guided nature walks
  • Picnic meals

We suggest the private conservancies that share unfenced borders with Africa’s legendary national parks because they offer the best of both experiences: all the benefits of the private conservancy with easy access to the national park. For example Singita Grumeti Reserve shares a border with Serengeti National Park to the west. The  162 000-hectare reserve gives you crowd-free wildlife viewing with other activities like nature walks, night games, hot air ballooning and horseback safaris to provide an exclusive experience.

Conservancies add conservation of areas of wild habitat outside the national parks directly and often improve the lives of rural communities in efficient and meaningful ways. This positive result means that every guest who stays in a private conservancy experiences the feel-good bonus factor of understanding that their holiday is giving directly to protecting Africa’s wildlife and untamed places for their grandchildren to explore.

Mobile camping

Depending on the level of comfort that you want mobile camping. African diurnal safaris can give you a portable camping experience with a personal staff including a chef, waiter, and crew to provide you with the ultimate experience during camping.

Insect roof spacious tents with Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, quality linens with a shower. The shelters also have a separate dining tent.

The camping places are hand-picked for the best game viewing giving guests a chance to experience wilderness uniquely.

Game drives are in 4×4 safari vehicles taking 5 to 7 people with a professional driver guide.

Cultural interactions

Cultural interactions with rural communities give you an authentic experience of traditional African culture. Provides a well as the opportunity to see where your guides, trackers, cook, waiters and other lodge staff may have grown up. Your holiday delivers numerous practical benefits to communities, but the emotional value is incalculable, both concerning the cultural pride and the demonstration of a direct link between tourists and the benefits of tourism, which is necessary for long-term sustainable conservation.

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By Baraka Kalumba