4 kinds of tattoos you WILL get lasered off in the future!

So last month we shared a blog on laser hair removal side effects and got suggestions for writing one on laser tattoo removal. But before we do that let’s talk about why you might want your tattoos removed.

Nowadays, everyone has a tattoo. From your best friend to your mom, everyone you know is sporting some ink somewhere. Tattoos are a great form of self-expression, however, when they are not thought of with care, they can be daily reminders of your mistakes. Before you commit to any design, you should spend some time thinking about it, and perhaps even get a second opinion from your friends or family. This is because there are certain types of tattoos that everyone regrets getting and will end up removing at some point. These are:

1.      Your Significant Other’s Name

Ah, love. Such an intoxicating spell. When you’re in love, you think the constant wave of ecstasy and warm-fuzzies you are riding will last forever. But that is not the case for every single relationship out there. Many people make the mistake of getting their significant other’s name tattooed on their body. Post breakup, this can be a huge source of pain for you in more ways than one – you’ll always think of the pain of the breakup, and getting the tattoo removed will hurt a little bit too. So, spare yourself the horror and do not get your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name tattooed anywhere!

2.      Un-Spell-Checked Fiascos

We’ve all seen viral posts of tattoos that are hilarious to other people because of the spelling and grammatical errors they have. When you are considering a design that has words in it, please run it through a spelling and grammar-checking tool. It may sound excessive but spending five minutes double-checking the design can save you a ton of “regrets” in the future!

3.      Words with Dubious Fonts

Another common mistake that people make while getting word-based tattoos is not going over the font with high levels of scrutiny. Certain fonts can make certain alphabets look very different from what they are. As a result, you may end up with a tattoo that says something entirely different from what you intended. Your cool tattoo that says “Only God May Judge Me” might turn into “Only God May Fudge Me” if your font has a ‘J’ that is too decorated.

4.      Drunken mistakes

Now, no one can go back in time and argue with their drunk self not to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, many people overestimate their ability to make great decisions after a few drinks and then end up with tattoos that they cannot relate to or simply hate. Add another task to your designated driver’s list: Do not let me be inked!

Do you think you made a mistake with the design you chose? If you want your tattoo lasered off, consult skin care doctors who specialize in laser tattoo removal, hair removal, skin care, and other treatments related to your skin.