3 reasons for delay in starting business

I have met many times people who talk to me about starting my dream business, planning hours it says that I am just starting work from next month but when I am 6 months later Even when I meet him, it is also known that he is going to start his work from next month. It may have happened to you that you have woven many dreams about a tremendous idea, but in reality a step You may not even be able to move forward


So why does it happen that we think of starting a business, NGO or organization, but for some reason, this work gets shelved and we remain there?


Today in this post, I am sharing with you three such reasons which prevent us from moving forward, but in fact before starting a business they do not have any special needs:


1) Perfect plan:


Many times, people want to understand a little bit of its closely before starting something, especially those who are more educated, they want to do everything from start to end in a perfect way. More penetrate that just get entangled in it. But it does not happen in the real world, no matter what you plan, there is a difference in ground-reality so there is no need to become a perfectionist in vain.


A person learns most things while working, so do not wait for a perfect plan to be made… Start your work with a rough plan and continue to face the challenges ahead.


You all know the Sony company. When Ibuka and Morita started it, the company had planned to sell Electirc Rice Cooker, but they could not succeed in it…. But today the same company grew from one electronic to another. Makes equipments, when I also started AKC, I did not even think that I will publish Hindi Quotes But today I get the most traffic for this reason.


When you start working… then gradually you start to rub in it  and when you start to be yourself then you start coming up with ideas to do it yourself so make a perfect road map in advance It is not necessary because it is almost certain that according to the circumstances and opportunities ahead, you may have to mold your plan.

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Instead of planning for 1 year, you can start a business by making a plan for a month What will happen more and more… You will fail… but it is better than never starting work and on the other hand your Even the perfect plan will give you success, this is also not guaranteed. So, it is better to start then keep postponing your plan.


2) Ideal Condition:


Some people are unable to even start their work because they keep waiting for an ideal situation…. You can hear something like this from such people –


“Just let the rain stop Have to start again ” , “Once you find the right partner, everyone else is ready “, “100% work will be started after admission of the child ”


Sometimes the reason for not starting sometimes is genuine but we have to pay attention that we are not avoiding work by making useless excuses somewhere.


And if we are doing this then another important question arises as to whether we really want to start something or just as an style statement and talk about becoming an entrepreneur to show others, if so If it is good to drop the idea of doing business.


Friends, Ideal conditions are in labs and we have to work outside the lab in the real world, so it is useless to wait for such conditions  we should start our work even if it is a normal beginning.

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3) Some unnecessary time wasters:

Many times some people who genuinely want to set up a business, or organization, get stuck in small things and waste their energy in a place where they should not. For example, in the beginning of work, some people want to create a website related to it and they are worried for the same While there is no need for it, you can do this work later also yes if you are very much concerned If you just book a domain name of your site, but do not get confused about making it a fully functional site .If your business is internet related then the matter is different.


Take another example, people also spend a lot of time in making the company’s logo, punch line, etc. and spend weeks only to decide it. According to me, you have considered the name of your company / organization. That is enough to start the work. It is good that you want to streamline everything from the beginning, but if it is hampering your beginning then what is the benefit of this Most organizations start at the very normal, but once their work is done So they establish their brand. Bill Gates also previously named his company “Micro-Soft” which was later changed to “Microsoft“.

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See, right now it is important that we do that so that we can create value for our customers. If instead of buying chaat potatoes and spices, spend time in deciding what color the jam will be, then what will it get from it Ultimately, the quality of the chaat will make his business successful or unsuccessful.


I do not say that these things are useless they are also necessary but it is not necessary to have all these up to date from the beginning.


In the beginning of work, we should sort out important and not so important things and put all our energy and focus into completing important tasks.


I hope if you are missing out on the same reasons for starting any work then you will not do it now



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